Women Empowerment

With a view to give on voice to voiceless women Community.

Women Empowerment

With a view to give on voice to voiceless women Community, Organisation focused on women empowerment in the right based approach, for the women empowerment & Development SAHAYOG had the following Programme / Activities.

  • Formation, Linkage & Strengthening of Self Help Groups & Federations:

SAHAYOG focused of women development which reached by creating a common platform to women community through a concept of SHG’s, Bank Linkages, Training women members are strengthened to share, discuss common issues & involvedwith income generation Programmes and entrepreneurship development programme with taking loan facilities from respective SHG’s. so far 250 women SHG are formed & linkedto banks for loan besides members are financially strengthened & meet their aspiration. In continued local federations have been formedby compressing SHG through which group have strengthened & standing for collective action, information dissemination & overall development at Grass Root Level.

  • Campaign on Violence against women.

SAHAYOG is one of the Network partner in the state of karanataka which is involved in implementing Violence against women (SWARAJ) Campaign Programme SAHAYOG’s Field area covered in 40 villages in Bhalki taluka of Bidar District & 10 Slums in Bijapur Town. The main focus group is women from Dalit communities & Muslims communities & the issue covered is Domestic violence against Dalit & Muslim Women. VISION: “Society in which women enjoy their right to dignity, right to equality & right to protection against vilence”. MISSION: a) empowerment of women through challenging the structure & Process that denies their right in the society. b) Engage with State for bringing changes in existing laws to address loopholes enactment of new laws make changes in policies and school & colleges text books, must reflect the subject of women & her right to equality. c) To work with civil society organisation / movement to raise public conscious there by ensuring equal opportunity for women.

  • Skill based Training.
  • Entrepreneurship development programme.
  • Awareness Generation programme for Rural women.
  • Training Workshops & Seminars on Women issues.

SAHAYOG'S works is guided by the followng value

Our Values

Equity and Equality

we work primarily on issues relating to marginalized groups and individuals such as rural, low literacy communities, who may be Dalit, Muslim and Backward and have a focus on Women, Children, Low income Artisans and young people we promote diversity in our Governing Board our partner and Staff.

Honesty, Commitment and Solidarity

Honesty is one of our major values in all of our work. we are always having a commitment and Solidarity with women and Children in their Struggles.


we promote people's use of the Right to Information; we uphold budget and accounting transparency; all staff are transparent in reporting their work each month, the organizational reports are made public.


We believe people have the rights to participate in decision making that concern them, regardless of whether they are rural, non Literature or poor. Organizational staff have the right to be part of framing organizational rules.


we are committed to bringing about grass roots empowerment leading to policy and programme change through our work; We believe in delivering quality outputs.

Our Strength

Current Funding Partners

SAHAYOG’S Current work is generally supported by the following agencies/ Government Department.

  • Action Aid Association 2004 – Present.
  • D.C (Handicrafts), Ministry of  Textiles Govt. of India. 2004-05 – Present.
  • Childline India Foundation 2010-11 – Present.
  • Ministry of Minority affairs Govt. of India, 2013-14 – Present.
  • Bidar District Child Labour Rehabilitation Society, 2006-07 – Present
  • Watershed Development Department Govt. of Karanataka, 2000-01 Present.
  • Zilla Panchayath / Taluka Panchayath Bidar District – 2004-Present.
  • Karanataka State Social Welfare Board. 2003- Present
  • Karanataka Rajya Vijnyana Parishad, 1999 – Present.


  • NABARD 1999 -2009.
  • CAPART 2002-2009
  • PLAN INDIA 2005 – 2012.
  • Narayan Hrudalaya – 2008 – 2010.
  • Karanataka State Women Development Corporation. 2011-12
  • Ministry of Panchayat Raj Govt. of India.
  • Central Social Welfare Board.
  • Youth for Action